BOATER 101: Boating Skills & Seamanship (BSS) – San Diego, CA

This boating safety course will give you everything you need to know for safe boating.

Gain the knowledge and skills needed for safe boating. Learn to avoid problems and spend more time enjoying your time on the water. Boater 101 teaches solutions and management of common issues and how to prevent them from happening.

Boater U’s Boating Safety Course: Boating Skills & Seamanship, covers everything from choosing and properly equipping the best boat for you, to proper handling and navigation.

This course consists of 13 modules including:

  • Which boat is for me?
  • Equipment for your boat.
  • Trailering your boat
  • Handling your boat
  • Your “highway” signs
  • The rules of the nautical road
  • Inland boating
  • Boating safety
  • Introduction to navigation
  • Powering your boat
  • Lines and knots for your boat
  • Weather and boating
  • Your boat’s radio

Key checklists, guides, and planning tools will also be provided.

Be safe knowing that you are prepared and have the tools you need to enjoy your time boating!